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After School Program

Learn New Skills.
Get Moving.
Make Friends.

The Healthy Kids After School Program offers socialization; the learning of new skills as well as building both fit minds and fit bodies.  
Our goal is that each child will come home excited from all the activities they have done and full of after-school adventures to share with the adults in their life

What we offer

Social Activities

Games and group activities bring everyone together in a safe way that supports bonds and relationship building

Academic Activities

Activities such as Drop Everything and Read and IXL, a personalized learning platform, encourage learning

STEM Activities

Our Lego Masters program modeled after the TV show, inspires kids to engineer creative creations

Fitness Activities

Activities like yoga, the mileage club and dance get kids bodies moving and helps boost confidence

Learn more about what sets Healthy Kids apart here.

Registration & Tuition

Before your child can attend our programs, a completed registration form must be submitted and all steps must be complete. You can see our complete registration process here.

Your child may attend the program anywhere from 1 to 5 days per week however, we ask that the schedule is the same from week to week. 

Rates and billing information vary per location and can be found here. A signed Tuition and Payment Agreement must be completed prior to the start of care. Automatic payments are made via the Brightwheel App.


The Registration Team can be reached at or


Drop In Program

Is your schedule unpredictable or vary from week to week?

Or perhaps you only need childcare sporadically?

Then our Drop In Program is for you. Available at certain locations, simply call our registration team at 845-330-0200 48 hours in advance to see if there is availability on the desired day of care. 

*Registration must be completed prior to utilize the drop in program.

Our Program Runs Every School Day

The Healthy Kids Program is scheduled to run every day there is a scheduled day of school and follows the school calendar. 
If school is closed, the Before/After School Program will be suspended.
If school is delayed due to severe weather in the morning before school programming will be suspended.

Brightwheel App

We utilize a family-friendly software app called Brightwheel.

Brightwheel allows staff to send you updates and pictures and to check children in and out of our program each day. It also allows parents to send messages to the staff and see upcoming payments and invoices.


My kids have a blast with this program! Everyday when I pick them up,  they never want to leave! You have a great program and great staff!
Thank you so much!

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